Bathroom Decorating Ideas For That Next Big Renovation

Bathroom Decorating Ideas For That Next Big Renovation

Bathroom Decorating Ideas For That Next Big Bathroom Renovation

Undertaking a bathroom renovation project can be a very exciting task, but it can also be rather daunting, especially since many of these tasks require a thorough amount of planning, as well as creative problem solving techniques. Those that are looking to take on this project might want to start out by determining how far they are willing to go with the renovation; are they going to replace some of the worn down fixtures within the room, or begin a full-scale renovation that will alter every aspect of the bathroom, from the tiling to the shower stall?

Designing The Layout of The Bathroom

Establishing the layout of the bathroom can be a tricky task to complete, as this will usually be dependant on the size and shape of the room. Larger bathrooms are easier to renovate simply because they allow individuals the opportunity to pick and choose the fixtures that they would like to install, as well as allowing more space for storage. Small spaces, on the other hand, can be difficult to renovate, since a more creative approach is necessary to accomplish this, especially when the time comes to fit in all of the necessary fixtures into the room. Since bathrooms seem to be an afterthought during the building of a home, they are often placed in areas that do not allow in a lot of light, or they are designed to fit around the design of the home, not the other way around, and while this can make renovations a bit difficult, it can also be a very exciting challenge.

Working With Small Spaces

When undertaking bathroom remodeling in a small space, it is important for individuals to start out by drawing a scale model of the room so that they can begin working out where all of the new fixtures are going to be installed. Planning takes skills and an attention to detail, as mistakes could lead to costly repairs. Once the room has been scaled down, individuals will need to begin determining what type of style they are looking to incorporate into the room; whether it is something along the lines of a room with a certain European flare or one that is more oriental in nature, the choice is up to them.

In a smaller space, there is simply no room for clutter, and this means that a good deal of time has to be spent on working out the storage aspects of the room. These days, many people are opting to replace build-in showers and bathtubs with those that “float” in the room, so that all of the space within the area can be utilized. On top of this, bulky bathroom cabinets are being swopped for pedestal basins and storage cabinets that are placed higher up on the bathroom walls; all of this will leave more room space and allow the room to have a more open feel to it.

Going Green With Your Fixtures and Décor

When it comes to picking out the fixtures and bathroom accessories, many people are opting for eco-friendly variations of the traditional options, and this is not only helping the environment; it is also assisting people in saving money in terms of running their homes. Individuals who are interested in saving water, for instance, can purchase a dual flush toilet and water saver faucet that will limit the amount of water that is used in the home, ultimately allowing individuals the chance to save on their utility bills at the end of the month. These items can be purchased in just about every design imaginable; from traditional, classic designs to the more contemporary looks, and this means that they’ll feel right at home in just about any bathroom.

Green options do not only limit themselves to the practical items within a bathroom; there are also ranges of exciting decoration options that have been manufactured using recycled materials, and these include mirrors. Instead of opting for the first accessories that you come across, it might be a good idea to determine whether they have been made with environmentally-friendly options such as recycled glass, or possibly even sustainable wood, as these tend to lend an essence of nature to the home that would not have otherwise been present. The best way to get your hands on items that are eco-friendly, without having to turn over every rock in the country, is to simply locate a retailer that specializes in innovative, environmentally-oriented products; this will allow the you the opportunity to get everything you need from one store.

Lighting and How It Brings a Room Together

When people are renovating their bathrooms, they tend to forget about one of the most important facets of decorating; the lighting. Lighting can dampen the look of a room or it can enhance its appeal; there is almost nothing that you cannot do when you make the right decision with regards to this facet. If you are going for a dramatic, elegant look, lighting can assist you in illuminating all of the appropriate aspects of the room. On the other hand, if you are interested in decorating the room in the most natural manner possible, using natural light can help you achieve this. Before completing the design of your new bathroom, take some time to consider the lighting and the importance of its role in terms of interior design, especially if you are renovating a bathroom situation in an area of the house that doesn’t get a lot of natural light.

Removing Outdated Accessories and Fixtures

There are certain accessories that used to be commonplace in just about every bathroom from whether you lived in Cleveland Park, Washington DC, Rockville, Bethesda, Montgomery County or Maryland, but these items have now become relics in terms of bathroom décor and should be removed as quickly as possible. Items such as the toilet rug (the item that hugs the toilet bowl), as well as toilet seat covers, are now items that might be riddled with germs and they do not add to the appeal of the room.

When decorating your bathroom, you need to ensure that you think outside of the box; when you take on this challenge with this in mind, you’ll find that nothing is impossible and you can turn just about any space into one of your favorite areas of the home.

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The Hottest Bathroom Tile Trends of 2013

The Hottest Bathroom Tile Trends of 2013

The Hottest Bathroom Tile Trends of 2013

This season, bathrooms all over the country are going to be putting on their fresh new outfits with the help of some of the most exciting bathroom tiles on the market. It seems as if the latest trends are revolving around textures, graphics, and bright, bold colors that are bringing bathrooms to life, while undertones of stone and natural elements are complimenting the brasher designs. In terms of materials, natural options are being chosen above all others, especially the glass tile, which has made a big comeback due to the fact that many of the brands manufacturing these options are now doing so using recycled materials. This means that people can make the decision to completely overhaul their bathrooms, benefit from these fresh new looks and still contribute to the well being of the environment.

Bringing The Tile To Life

No longer are tiles merely wall and floor coverings; they are now being brought to life in a way that was never possible before. Textures are being brought into the mix, especially in bathrooms designed in small spaces, as they have the ability to turn the average wall into a playground for the eyes and fingertips. Textured tiles, such as those decorated with animal prints, are especially popular, although it is advised that they are used in conjunction with more neutral, plainer tiles so as not to overwhelm the senses. Decorators are combining different types of looks in one space, allowing the room to take on a multi-layered effect in a complimentary way.

Areas that are of a special interest to those who are undertaking bathroom renovation include areas such as the sink, shower and bathtub, and the tiles surrounding these areas are helping to accent the best parts of these features. By combining patterns with neutral colors, and then adding a splash of bold hues, bathrooms are taking on a more European flare and this is adding an element of intrigue to an otherwise functional room within the home. Mosaics are another way that Americans are bringing Europe right into their homes, and they can be purchased directly from some of the best tile manufacturers on the market, including Travertine. These options are both elegant and tasteful, and they add a sense of mystery to an otherwise ordinary room. Designers can choose to make use of mosaics around the entirety of the bathroom, or they could mix and match these styles with textures, or plainly colored tiles; at the end of the day, the sky is truly the limit.

Dramatic, Bold and Beautiful Colors

Colors are making their way back onto the scene, but this season it is all about drama and accentuation. Dark colors set the scene, while bolder splashes of color highlight certain areas of the bathroom to immediately draw the eye to specific areas of the room, such as the bathtub or the basin. Renovators are now being drawn to their local showroom Tile Shop in order to obtain inspiration concerning their own designs, as well as to determine whether the combinations that they have in mind are going to work.

It’s All About The Environment

As consumers begin to become more aware of their impact on the environment, more and more people are choosing to become “one” with the earth by bringing natural materials directly into their homes and using these products to decorate some of the highest traffic areas within their properties, including the bathroom. Subway tiles are one of the higher quality options that are currently available on the market, and they are not only made from materials such as stone, which provide a room with an earthier, more dramatic undertone; these materials are also extremely durable and easy to clean, which makes them perfect for the bathroom. The fact that high quality products usually retain their condition for many years also means that people won’t have to worry about renovating for a while yet.

Glass is one of the most exciting trends on the market at the moment, and it is being used to bring a sense of light and “airiness” to bathrooms around the country. When combined with the appropriate contemporary light fixtures Cleveland Park, these tiles create a sense of drama that is usually only found on stage. These tiles are being used in areas such as Washington DC, Rockville, Montgomery County and Maryland, and they can be found in a wide range of colors and finishes, including glassy and flat. When used in the appropriate areas of the bathroom, these products are able to highlight some of the most prominent features within the room, and create a space that simple oozes luxury.

Getting Creative With Your Designs, Colors And Materials

With a combination of clean lines, textures, colors and natural materials, a bathroom can turn from a functional and practical space into a room that leaves nothing to be desired. This season is all about getting creative; with the fixtures, the materials and the colors that are used to bring life to a space that is ordinarily mundane. With the right combination of products, home owners can renovate this space and turn it into one of the most luxurious spaces in the house. The idea behind these new trends is to completely alter the way that people think about the ordinary bathroom, as well as to use contemporary ideas concerning conservation to enhance the overall appeal of the space.

If you want to get your hands dirty with regards to your bathroom renovation, you need to familiarize yourself with the products that are available so that you can draw from this knowledge when the time comes to start picking out the materials that will be used within your home. Start out by finding out a bit more about the eco-friendly materials that are a big hit this season; you can then begin determining which options stand out and will feel right at home when the time comes for you to begin using them to create the bathroom of your dreams.

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Budgeting Your Renovation

Budgeting Your Renovation

Budgeting Your Renovation

Budgeting for a renovation in your bathroom depends on a number of factors, but if you want to keep your costs down, your first step should be to stick to your original floor plan. People have different definitions of what bathroom remodeling means, but if you need to watch your renovation budget and keep it as low as possible, cutting out any unnecessary construction is the best way to start planning. Here are some pointers on how to get the most out of your bathroom renovation budget:

A study that was conduction by Remodeling magazine on cost vs value, put a mid-range bathroom renovation down to budget around $10 500, excluding any rebuilding or construction. For that kind of money, you could expect the toilet to be replaced, put in a new bath tub with surrounding tiles, install a new double vanity and sink with medicine cabinet, put up some vinyl wall paper and some ceramic tiles. Of course, the quality and finishes of the actual pieces you choose will determine the exact cost and scope of the project, but those are the basic requirements you could expect to meet on that budget.

The good news is that a bathroom renovation of that scope is likely to see a 102% return at resale, so while you might only be considering the aesthetic value and your quality of life, you will see something tangible for your money too.

If you wanted to be more elaborate with your renovations and were looking at adding some construction into the equation, you could expect to pay in the region of $26,000 for adding eight square feet and a window to the bathroom, moving and replacing the fixtures, adding a 4 x 6 foot shower and wall, including a double vanity area with sinks and stone countertops, tiling your floors and adding some lighting. This exercise, exciting as it may seem, would only return about 93% of your investment at resale time though.

Curious where all your money goes? Here are the areas you need to factor in when planning your renovation budget, and some ideas on where to cut a few corners and costs:


As you can see from the example, adding building and construction in elevates the cost by a large margin. If you change the layout of the bathroom and move your fixtures around, you also need to think about the plumbing costs, as well as labor and building materials. You also need to think about the mess and the convenience factor and weigh it up against how much you need or want the renovation.

If you do opt for a rebuild, make sure you choose a qualified contractor; check references and ask to see examples of his completed work. Doing some online research can also help you to shop around for the lowest rates.


While moving fixtures around can eat away at your budget, purchasing them doesn’t have to break the bank. There is a wide range of toilets, bath tubs, sinks and showers available in different finishes and for different budgets, so if you want to save a little, there is a good chance you can do it in this department. If there is an expensive bath tub, you simply have to try and compensate by purchasing something cheaper, like a less expensive toilet.


Tiling your floor is cheaper than tiling the walls as well, but it is not just the tiles that are expensive; the labor required to lay them down can also get quite pricey, so make sure you also include that in your budget. If you have fallen in love with an expensive tile design then you could consider mixing pricier tiles with a cheaper variety to get more mileage out of them.


Whether you have a single or double vanity area, your countertop does not have to be too expensive. Shop on the internet for cost-effective alternatives that still bring out the most in your color scheme, and do some research into what is long lasting. Choose a material that is non-porous and scratch resistant for the best performance.


Faucets, taps and shower heads can also get quite pricey, so make sure you get quotes for full sets before you start buying individual pieces. If you are reaching your budget ceiling but had something more dramatic in mind you can buy budget pieces to begin with and replace with something more expensive when your budget allows.

Lighten It Up

If you have a small bathroom and want to make it appear bigger without spending more on construction, think about ways to allow more natural light into the room. Blinds are an effective way of achieving this while still giving you the privacy you want. If you do not have the budget for a new window or sky light and your bathroom is dark, consider putting mirrors on the walls to reflect and amplify the light that is available.

Common Bathroom Remodeling Mistakes

While there are some areas where you can cut costs, certain things need to be done properly to save you from spending a lot of money later on down the line.

Treat Damp and Mildew

If you have a pre-existing problem with damp and mildew, make sure you get it treated properly before any work is done. Any painting or tiling that is done over damp surfaces will peel or come loose and get worse, and ignoring the problem will not make it go away. You will end up spending more in the long run if you do not address this.

Making sure your bathroom has good ventilation and allows enough natural light will help it to dry out faster and discourage mould and damp from setting in

Get High Quality Tiling

You can spend a fortune on tiles, but if they are not laid down correctly, they can crack and break quickly. Tiles that are not grouted securely can also come loose so make sure you get good quality workmanship from your contractor of choice if you are not doing your own tiling.


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Breathe Some Life into your Home with Exciting Bathroom Renovation Tips

Breathe Some Life into your Home with Exciting Bathroom Renovation Tips

The bathroom has become one of people’s most prized rooms in the home, simply because it is the one place that most people can spend some time relaxing and forgetting about all their troubles. Old, dingy bathrooms are outdated and unattractive, so if you want to make sure that your bathroom is the jewel of your home, you need to make sure that you keep it up to date in terms of style and design. Before taking on the big, and sometimes tricky task of renovating your bathroom, it is important that you take as many tips as you can that will help you to put together a room that is both practical and comfortable.

Space will be one of your foremost considerations when you are in the process of renovating, because bathrooms tend to be small and compact. While there are many homes with large and spacious bathing rooms, if yours is not big, you might run into some practical difficulties. Start the entire renovating process by drawing the room to scale, but do not forget to add in the doors and the windows, taking into account the direction in which they open, so that you do not place fixtures or accessories that will restrict their function. Once you have done this, you can then begin using to-scale pictures of your fixtures and use this to plan the entire layout of your bathroom.

Make sure that you indicate, on the to scale drawings, the positions of the fixtures that will remain exactly where they are, and the pipes that lead out from your walls. You will need to be aware of this when you are fitting fixtures around these items to ensure that there is enough space in the room.

Storage is an important consideration in any bathroom, and it can be difficult to install the amount of cupboards that you need to make this area practical. Vertical storage options are a big help in this department, because they do not take up a lot of floor space, and you can always have them installed slightly higher above the floor, so that you still have space for other accessories or fixtures below them. Shelving is also another good idea for storage in a smaller room, so consider this as an option when planning the outlay of the area.

After you know where all of the fixtures in this room are going to go, you will then need to start purchasing these items. Baths are the focal points of just about any bathroom, and they come in a range of different shapes and sizes. When it comes to size, however, be sure that you sit in the bath that you are considering to purchase. These fixtures might look great from a distance, but it is only when you get inside one of them that you will be able to tell whether you are comfortable in it or not. Lie down and pay attention to the size; is it comfortable? Do you find that it is too restrictive or too large? Baths that are much too big are not always a pleasure to use; you could end up feeling lost in them, and you will need to use a lot more water to fill them up. Take this into consideration when you are making up your mind.

The lip of the bath should be shaped in such a way that it is comfortable for you to lie down in, so make sure that you put your head back and try it out. It is also important that there be enough space around the lip of the bath for bathing accessories, lotions and potions so that you can rest them on the side of the fixture when they are in use. If you are more interested in freestanding baths, you will need to make sure that you can store certain items on the end of the bath or install a unit next to the bath for this purpose.

Mirrors might not be the first thing that you think about when you picture a bathroom, but they come in handy more often than you would think. These items are not only useful for ablution purposes; they also make smaller rooms appear larger, and so they make the perfect addition to any bathroom. The fact that these items are installed on the wall without taking up any floor space make them ideal for when you have a limited amount of space to work with, and better still, you can get very creative with the mirror that you choose to place in this room.

The lighting in a bathroom can do wonders for the look and the feel of the room, so pick it out with care. It might be a good idea to see the lighting in action before you make your decision, as this will help you to make a decision with regards to the strength of the light and the colors that it contains. Remember, harsh lighting is not always a good idea in bathrooms, because this might over stimulate you in a room where you are meant to sit back and relax; calming lights are a must-have, so be sure to keep this in mind.

Remember to draw up a budget when you begin a job like this, because the costs can quickly add up, and you do not want to run out of funds before you have completed the renovation. Take some time to work out exactly how much you can afford to spend, and what’s more, make sure that you add in some extra funding, just in case you go over the intended budget. Once you have your budget in hand, try your best to stick to it as closely as possible. People who do not have enough money to renovate their bathrooms in the way that they want to can always complete this job in smaller pieces throughout the year, allowing them the opportunity to get the final look that they want without having to pay for it all at once.

About Bathroom Renovation

Bathroom renovationBathroom renovation

The bathroom has now been elevated to the same rank as any other room in the house. A family using one bathroom warrants more upgrade and facilities (like double showers and basins) than a one person bathroom.

A renovated bathroom can increase the value of a home by more than the actual cost of the work. So consider carefully what needs to be done.

If your bathroom looks small, re-doing it in pale colours can make the room appear larger. Or add mirrors to give the feeling of spaciousness. Or you can use an adjacent room to enlarge it.

Why Bathroom Renovation?

  • Something may be broken or need repair
  • Need more spaces
  • Your bathroom is not functional
  • Increasing your property value
  • Your bathroom may be out-of-date

Whether you are looking to modernise the finishes in an existing bathroom, or custom design a complete renovation, we will work personally with you to create a bathroom that is tailored to your lifestyle from the highest quality products available.

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