Bathroom Decorating Ideas For That Next Big Renovation

Bathroom Decorating Ideas For That Next Big Renovation

Bathroom Decorating Ideas For That Next Big Bathroom Renovation

Undertaking a bathroom renovation project can be a very exciting task, but it can also be rather daunting, especially since many of these tasks require a thorough amount of planning, as well as creative problem solving techniques. Those that are looking to take on this project might want to start out by determining how far they are willing to go with the renovation; are they going to replace some of the worn down fixtures within the room, or begin a full-scale renovation that will alter every aspect of the bathroom, from the tiling to the shower stall?

Designing The Layout of The Bathroom

Establishing the layout of the bathroom can be a tricky task to complete, as this will usually be dependant on the size and shape of the room. Larger bathrooms are easier to renovate simply because they allow individuals the opportunity to pick and choose the fixtures that they would like to install, as well as allowing more space for storage. Small spaces, on the other hand, can be difficult to renovate, since a more creative approach is necessary to accomplish this, especially when the time comes to fit in all of the necessary fixtures into the room. Since bathrooms seem to be an afterthought during the building of a home, they are often placed in areas that do not allow in a lot of light, or they are designed to fit around the design of the home, not the other way around, and while this can make renovations a bit difficult, it can also be a very exciting challenge.

Working With Small Spaces

When undertaking bathroom remodeling in a small space, it is important for individuals to start out by drawing a scale model of the room so that they can begin working out where all of the new fixtures are going to be installed. Planning takes skills and an attention to detail, as mistakes could lead to costly repairs. Once the room has been scaled down, individuals will need to begin determining what type of style they are looking to incorporate into the room; whether it is something along the lines of a room with a certain European flare or one that is more oriental in nature, the choice is up to them.

In a smaller space, there is simply no room for clutter, and this means that a good deal of time has to be spent on working out the storage aspects of the room. These days, many people are opting to replace build-in showers and bathtubs with those that “float” in the room, so that all of the space within the area can be utilized. On top of this, bulky bathroom cabinets are being swopped for pedestal basins and storage cabinets that are placed higher up on the bathroom walls; all of this will leave more room space and allow the room to have a more open feel to it.

Going Green With Your Fixtures and Décor

When it comes to picking out the fixtures and bathroom accessories, many people are opting for eco-friendly variations of the traditional options, and this is not only helping the environment; it is also assisting people in saving money in terms of running their homes. Individuals who are interested in saving water, for instance, can purchase a dual flush toilet and water saver faucet that will limit the amount of water that is used in the home, ultimately allowing individuals the chance to save on their utility bills at the end of the month. These items can be purchased in just about every design imaginable; from traditional, classic designs to the more contemporary looks, and this means that they’ll feel right at home in just about any bathroom.

Green options do not only limit themselves to the practical items within a bathroom; there are also ranges of exciting decoration options that have been manufactured using recycled materials, and these include mirrors. Instead of opting for the first accessories that you come across, it might be a good idea to determine whether they have been made with environmentally-friendly options such as recycled glass, or possibly even sustainable wood, as these tend to lend an essence of nature to the home that would not have otherwise been present. The best way to get your hands on items that are eco-friendly, without having to turn over every rock in the country, is to simply locate a retailer that specializes in innovative, environmentally-oriented products; this will allow the you the opportunity to get everything you need from one store.

Lighting and How It Brings a Room Together

When people are renovating their bathrooms, they tend to forget about one of the most important facets of decorating; the lighting. Lighting can dampen the look of a room or it can enhance its appeal; there is almost nothing that you cannot do when you make the right decision with regards to this facet. If you are going for a dramatic, elegant look, lighting can assist you in illuminating all of the appropriate aspects of the room. On the other hand, if you are interested in decorating the room in the most natural manner possible, using natural light can help you achieve this. Before completing the design of your new bathroom, take some time to consider the lighting and the importance of its role in terms of interior design, especially if you are renovating a bathroom situation in an area of the house that doesn’t get a lot of natural light.

Removing Outdated Accessories and Fixtures

There are certain accessories that used to be commonplace in just about every bathroom from whether you lived in Cleveland Park, Washington DC, Rockville, Bethesda, Montgomery County or Maryland, but these items have now become relics in terms of bathroom décor and should be removed as quickly as possible. Items such as the toilet rug (the item that hugs the toilet bowl), as well as toilet seat covers, are now items that might be riddled with germs and they do not add to the appeal of the room.

When decorating your bathroom, you need to ensure that you think outside of the box; when you take on this challenge with this in mind, you’ll find that nothing is impossible and you can turn just about any space into one of your favorite areas of the home.

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Flooring Ideas for Bathrooms

Flooring Ideas for Bathrooms

Flooring Ideas for Bathrooms

Choosing the right kind of flooring for your bathroom has to strike the perfect balance between what looks good to you and what works on a practical level. If you are thinking about a bathroom renovation, you should look at all the options available to you before you make a flooring decision. You also need to consider the installation costs, as some materials need to be laid out by specialists to get the desired effects, which could add a fair amount to your renovation budget.

In terms of aesthetics, there are plenty of options to choose from, and with technology improving all the time, you are guaranteed to find exactly what you want within your budget parameters.

Wood: For Warmth and a Vintage Look

While laminates and solid wood flooring are not good practical choices for a bathroom, because they warp, swell and discolour when they come into contact with water, hard woods like bamboo and teak can work really well, adding warmth and richness to your bathroom. There are also bathroom-specific laminates on the market that have been reinforced to prevent typical problems from arising.

Wood looks good in classically designed and modern bathrooms, but works especially well with wall paper and ornate bathroom furniture. Wood, unlike tiles, is warm to the touch and can be a more comfortable flooring choice underfoot.

Terracotta: For A Rustic Or Country-Inspired Look

Terracotta ceramic tiles are easy to keep clean and work especially well in bathrooms that are more rustic in their design aesthetic. They are available in a range of neutral colors and can be used to contrast with different colors in any bathroom renovation. They are hardwearing and cost-effective and make a practical choice for bathrooms that are used frequently or used by children.

If you still want to go for a tiled look but want something that looks more luxurious, then a glazed porcelain tile would be the next step up. They have a softer appearance but are very scratch resistant and also easy to maintain. They are also available in a wide range of colors, and can be used in bathrooms that are more classically inspired.

Remember that tiles are cold underfoot, and if you live in a cold climate, you could investigate having under tile heating installed before you tile, to make the bathroom more comfortable. Make sure you get professional advice into which tiles are best to deal with the heating mechanism before you go ahead with any work.

Polished Stone and Concrete: For A Classy Look

If you want a sophisticated look for a bathroom remodeling en-suite to the master bedroom, then polished concrete or stone could give you what you desire. They both have a neat and even appearance and work well with any décor, provided that they are well looked after and do not get too wet too often.

Stone: For a Classic Or Modern Bathroom With a Difference

Using materials like granite, limestone, slate and even marble can introduce interesting textures into your bathroom remodeling. They are high quality materials and might be a little more expensive than synthetic alternatives, but using natural stone is a long term investment. They allow you to have both uniform color and an eye-catching pattern, and can be used to contrast bold and bright colors to complement neutral tones.

Stone flooring needs to be well sealed to prevent water from seeping in, as all natural stone is porous in nature.

Marble: For An Upmarket Bathroom

If price is not a problem for your renovation budget, marble is one of those classic materials that really will stand the test of time. It is unique and offers both textured pattern and color to both floors and walls. It is ideal for traditional or classic bathrooms, but can also be used as a contrasting base for bright colors in modern bathrooms, especially if it is used on the walls as well.

Marble has been used for centuries by royalty and nobility, especially in architecture. It is an expensive investment, but each piece and pattern is unique and worth the investment.

Cork: For a Retro Bathroom

Cork became popular in bathrooms in the 1960s and 1970s and has recently seen a revival in modern and traditional bathrooms. Cork is an eco-friendly material, because it is made from wood shavings, so no trees are actually chopped down to make it. It also has excellent antifungal properties and is resistant to mould.

Rubber: For Practicality

If you need flooring for a family bathroom, then rubber could be your best bet. One of its advantages is its warmth underfoot, but it is also easy to keep clean and waterproof. On a safety level, it is also slip resistant so it is ideal for use in bathrooms used by children. There are also plenty of options available in terms of patterns and textures. Digital imaging means that the look and feel of natural wood and stone can be replicated in rubber, vinyl or linoleum at a fraction of the cost of using the real thing.

Metallics and Glass: For Glamour

If you want something more glamorous and flamboyant from your flooring, there are metallic-effect tiles available that refract light and have an iridescent sheen to them. They add an element of luxury and also work well in bathrooms that are spa-inspired. They are also ideal for use in showers and to create borders and patterns with.

Mosaics fall into the category of glass tiles, and they can be used to introduce patterns and details to solid or neutral colors. They should be professionally done for the best effect and you should be selective with where you incorporate them, for the most impact.

Tips For Small Bathrooms

If you want the size of your bathroom to appear bigger, think about having the same tiles on the floor and walls. The continuity of the effect makes the space look bigger than it really is. Try to stick with medium and large tiles; if they are too small, they can have the opposite effect.

Maximizing natural light by using blinds and mirrors can also make a bathroom feel bigger. Stick to lighter colors, as darker tones can make a small space feel even smaller.


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Safety Considerations in Bathroom Remodeling

Safety Considerations in Bathroom Remodeling

Safety Considerations in Bathroom Remodeling

Safety should always be an area of focus if you are considering a bathroom remodeling. The National Safety Council approximates that 200 000 people are injured every year in bathroom accidents, and most of them are avoidable.

Because of hard surfaces and sharp edges, a fall in the bathroom can cause injury and breakages. The most common accidents include slipping or burns from hot water. Homes that have children or elderly people should take safety factors more seriously to minimize the chances of accidents happening. There are some simple guidelines you can follow to adopt a safer approach to your bathroom remodeling project, and many of them are cheap to incorporate into your renovation budget and quick to install.

Water and Electricity

Water and electricity in close proximity is a dangerous combination and should be avoided at all costs. To make sure your bathroom remodeling is a safe exercise and all the necessary protocols are followed, get a professional to take care of your wiring and electricity requirements.

To minimize any chances of problems, make sure you use moisture-proof fixtures and ground-fault circuit interrupters (GFCIs) on all electricity outlets.

If you have a light directly above your shower, make sure it is cased in an insulated cover to keep the wiring dry and safe.

Never run an extension cable into a bathroom or try to use an electrical appliance in the bathroom in case there is water lying around, as electrocution can happen very quickly.

Around The Bath and Shower

Make sure you employ good lighting in the bathroom, to show up any water that might be lying on the floor by the bath tub or shower and minimize the chances of someone slipping.

Where possible, avoid having steps in the bathroom. While they might seem like a practical solution to get to a raised bath, they just increase the element of risk. Rather opt for a seated platform where people can sit down and lessen their chances of slipping while climbing in or out. If your steps are not going anywhere, make sure you lay a non-slip material down to prevent unnecessary accidents.

Also use a non-slip mat outside the bath and shower. It is also useful to use one in the shower and bath, especially if there are children or elderly people in the house. A grab bar can also add to safety reinforcement. If you are doing a bathroom renovation especially for older people, a walk-in bath tub is the safest option available.

Older people, babies and children can also benefit from sitting in a seat while they are in the tub if slipping is a major concern for safety.

Some people choose rough textured floors for their showers, as smooth finishes are easier to slip on. Having simple seating, like a wooden bench, inside the shower can also minimize the chances of someone slipping and falling and is a cost-effective safety device to include in your renovation budget.

If you have glass shower doors, make sure that they are shatterproof. Use secure shelving in the shower and bath area so that toiletries are less likely to fall down and cause you to fall over trying to retrieve them. Place a towel rail close to the bath and shower so that you do not have to stretch too far and lose your balance trying to get hold of your towel.

Remove any rugs or mats, especially those on hard or tiled floors, or make sure they are fitted with non-slip backing.

General Notes About Safety

While the bathroom is not ordinarily the safest place for children, it is even more dangerous during the bathroom remodeling process. The first steps of a bathroom renovation process is to take care of the electricity and plumbing, so make sure that all wires and pipes are kept well covered and free of water or moisture.

Painting usually follows next, so keep any paint and turpentine away from children. Also keep windows and doors open so that the space is well ventilated and can dry easily. Paint fumes are also toxic and children should be kept away from them.

Keep children away from loose fixtures, as they may cause injury or break if they are knocked over.

Children should not be in a bathroom unless they are with an adult. To minimize chances of drowning, remove plugs from the bathroom as children can drown in as little as an inch of water. Do not leave a chair or stool in a bathroom when there is no adult to supervise the child. Teach children never to run in the bathroom.

If you are demolishing and rebuilding, you should be even more careful and follow the safety protocol outlined by your local council. Debris, whether falling or on the ground, is potentially dangerous, especially for children who should be kept well away from the area. Children should also be kept out of the way of laborers and from any chemicals and toxins that are being used.

Exercise extreme caution when working with bleaches, acids and drain chemicals, as they are all highly toxic. Not only do you need to take care not to spill any of the chemical on yourself or your clothing, you also need to ensure that you do not inhale the fumes and that you follow the safety guidelines provided on the product.

Medicine Cabinets

It can be a safer alternative to create storage for medicines and toiletries higher up on the wall, out of reach of children. If you must store medicines underneath the vanity area, make sure the cupboards can be locked securely.

Taps and Faucets

Anti-scald faucets are worth considering if you live with kids, especially if you have levers which are easy to open and quick to warm up. Also try and choose faucets that are difficult to open if you are replacing your fittings, and always make sure they are left closed tightly.


If you have a baby or very small children you can get a lock for your toilet seat to prevent them from falling in. If you live with elderly people, handles and bars for around the toilet can allow for more independence and add a safety element as well.

Renovating your Bathroom with Warm, Cozy Accessories

Comfort should be a synonym for a bathroom; after all, this is the place where you can retire to at the end of the day and take the time to unwind, bathe and be enveloped by the warmth that a bathroom and its accessories have to offer. When you retire to the one room in your household where you can spend time simply “being”, you should ensure that you are surrounded by fixtures and accessories that aim to do one thing and one thing only; provide you with luxury.

There are so many different accessories and products on the market that it can be an almost impossible task to choose from among them. Your bathroom is only so big, and this means that you’ll be limited in the amount of items that you can purchase to ensure that you enter the lap of luxury the moment you cross the threshold. Choosing these items carefully, however, is the best way to ensure that you make the most of this renovation by including items that will have you returning every morning and evening, excited to be a part of this warm, comforting environment.

Radiant floor heating has been around for quite a few years now, but these days, it is more affordable than ever, making it available to the average person in a way that was never possible before. Do you dream about stepping out of the shower onto a cozy, warm floor? If you do, you should ensure that you look through all of the radiant floor heating options in the industry to pick the option that will suit your particular needs. Remember, there are many different types of radiant heating, including eco-friendly and electric powered variations, so take some time to consider all of your options before you have this type of device installed.

Under-floor heating doesn’t have to be limited to your bathroom; you can install it anywhere or everywhere in your home to ensure that it is always toasty warm. If you opt for a system that makes use of electricity, you’ll need to make sure that your home is properly insulated so that you don’t waste money on electricity because the heating system is constantly running at full capacity.
Towel warmers are all about luxury, but they also offer a practical advantage; not only will you be able to ensure that every towel you wrap around your body is warm and soothing, these wracks also provide you with a great place to hang your towels so that they don’t get musty in a cupboard. Since bathrooms are usually some of the smallest rooms in the house, hanging towels on a wrack, instead of in a bathroom cupboard, will ensure that you don’t waste space.

Towel warmers usually come in two variations; those that are hard wired and those that are plugged in. Most people are moving away from having power outlets in their bathroom due to the dangers of this convenience, and so they are opting to have these towel warmers hard-wired; where the wires are concealed. When you are purchasing one of these items, you’ll also be able to choose from a range of different styles and sizes to ensure that the warmers match the overall décor of your bathroom and home.

Bathrooms with more traditional décors usually suit rounded towel warmers better, while those with a more modern appearance might suit the square tubing much more effectively. The choice of the style and colors, however, will depend entirely on you, so make sure that you look through all of the options to determine which one would suit your tastes and preferences best.

People who are struggling to fit all of their fixtures and accessories into their bathroom can always purchase towel wracks that do not have a heating element within them to allow them to hang their towels on these items and saving them from having to waste space in the bathroom by installing a cupboard. For every bathroom problem, there is a solution; you simply need to make sure that you take the time to look through your options in order to find it.

Remember that when you are in the process of investing in any of the more expensive bathroom accessories, you need to be aware of whether you have a warranty on the item. Through regular use, lower quality items tend to damage very quickly, and you don’t want to struggle with an accessory that was supposed to provide you with luxury and only ended up causing you troubles in the long run. If you obtain a warranty, you’ll simply have to replace the faulty item before you can benefit from the perks of owning it.

There are so many different ways to improve the comfort, warmth and luxury of your bathroom and radiant flooring, and towel warmers are only two of them. One of the best times to have these extras installed into your bathroom is during a renovation, or when you are building your home in the first place, as it can be quite costly to install, especially if you have completed the tiling and installed all of the fixtures into a bathroom.

One of the best ways to ensure that your bathroom is a haven of luxury and comfort is to call a professional interior designer to your home and have them lay out the plans for your renovation. They will start out by drawing up your bathroom to scale, and then using this at a platform on which to integrate all of the different facets of the room. Once the design is completed, they will then begin purchasing the fixtures and adding them into the room, ultimately putting all of the pieces of your bathroom together. If you want to take on this project by yourself, you can do so; you’ll just need to make sure that you plan everything ahead of the time so that you know exactly what to expect when you begin putting your dream bathroom together.

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